Iron-on labels for clothing: a revolution for yesterday's children and today's mothers!

Indeed, the time of sewing for mothers is over. Today, we stick to the iron in 10 seconds and it never comes off.
But how does it work ? You personalize and order in 3 clicks your labels for children's clothes on and you can mark your children's things. Your whole little world will be ready for the start of the school year or for the nursery.

When you receive your iron-on labels, nothing could be simpler, we take out the ironing board and the clothes.
A sheet of non-stick paper is provided in the logbook.custom labels ; this paper must be placed above theclothing label and the iron must be hot and stick the garment and the label together. Do not forget to remove the steam mode by applying the iron-on.

A clothing label with an original design

Pepahart strives to create original and playful illustrations; children today must have clothing labels in their image. No more plain background and black icon on the iron-on. Pepahart is inventive and offers 4 illustrations per theme and each theme is available in 4 colors to delight young and old. So, with this choice ofcustom labels, your child should easily recognize their belongings by their clothing labels.