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How to take care of a child?

As a mom, you are more likely to be alone with your toddler at home. It's no secret! Children hate doing nothing, they need to be busy to pass the time. You need to look for an activity that could interest and distract him. In this article, discover some ideas of activities that you can do with your little one.

Some activities you can do with your child at home


You can suggest different types of activities to do at home for your child. You don't always have to think of complicated things to keep him busy.

  • To occupy your cherub, you can offer him to help you with your household chores. Young children love having responsibilities, if they could even do like their mom, they would. You're definitely not going to ask him to put in a lot of effort or things that could be dangerous for him. For example, you can ask him to put away his toys, to set the table or to help you clean the windows.


  • You can also cook together by making easy recipes. You can make cupcakes that you will eat for afternoon tea or for breakfast. If you have a terrace, a balcony or even with a simple window, you can introduce your little one to gardening. This could at the same time empower him and distract him. His pleasure will be at its peak when he sees the fruit of his labor.


  • Whether it's for you or for him, physical activity at home allows you to both exercise and pass the time. You can let off steam by doing a mini yoga session, miming nursery rhymes, building a fortress, doing a gym with rolls...


  • You can also bet on artistic activities. These are activities that can keep your cherub busy for a little while. By giving free rein to his imagination and creativity, he can stay on it for minutes, even hours. You can offer him to play with modeling clay, salt dough, drawing, painting, stickers, pompoms, magic sand, etc. What's great is that it allows him to work on his fine motor skills at the same time.


  • Don't forget the games! Whether the family is full or you are alone with your child, you can always play age-appropriate games. For example, you can turn to board games such as lotto, lego, angling, puzzles or turn to imitation games like the doctor or the veterinarian. These games are very interesting because they entertain and learn something at the same time. Nothing prevents you from playing hide and seek either. If you have kept costumes or old clothes, you can have fun dressing up. If you get tired of these games, you can always invent some together.

It should be noted that to distract your child, you do not need to offer him too many activities at the same time. Likewise, it doesn't need too many activities in a row either. If you offer him so many things, he may find it difficult to choose and may not enjoy the activity he is doing. Suggest only two or three activities. Once he has chosen, let him have fun on his own. Stay nearby to watch him, but you can do other things at the same time.

Some activities you can do with your child outside


Except during periods of confinement, you can also distract your child outside the house.

  • You might think that a simple outing, even a short walk just a few yards from your home, means nothing to your child. Think again ! It's always better than sitting at home doing nothing. Taking these few steps is already an occupation. Then the two of you are also going to enjoy the fresh air and detox a bit from life in front of the screen.


  • Among the outdoor activities that you can do with your little one, there is a visit to an aquarium, a zoom or why not an educational farm? For sure, he will have a dream day if he loves animals. He will be able to learn a lot of things while having fun, like the milk that comes from the cow or the sheep and not directly from a bottle. He will marvel so much at so many species of animals that he will not even notice the time passing. It's likely that you yourself got caught up in the game.


  • Otherwise, how about a day at the pool? If your little one loves water, treat him to it. You can also take the opportunity to relax while he plays, splashes and dives. If he is still young, you can enroll him in baby-swimming sessions which are, moreover, highly recommended. Generally, the aquatic environment is good for babies, it reminds them of life in their mother's womb.


  • You can also opt for a cultural outing if your child is older. For example, you can go to the cinema. Don't worry, you will always find a film that will be suitable for his age and his tastes. You can turn to a circus or a theater. It's a bit different from what he's used to seeing on TV. In addition, there are rooms especially intended for the youngest, so there is no risk that your child will be bored. You can visit museums. You will find fun themes and your cherub will enjoy a playful visit.


  • If the whole family is present at home, you can schedule a day at an amusement park. The kids love it! They will not be the only ones to find their account, you can let go too. This kind of place is made for all tastes and all ages. If your toddler prefers the world of Mickey, visit Disneyland Paris; if he prefers the Gauls, go to Parc Astérix, etc.

Some activities to offer your child in your absence


If you can't free yourself up to go out or play with your child because of work or something else, you can always find activities that will distract him.

  • If he is into sport, you can, for example, offer him a sporting activity. See according to his tastes if he prefers football, swimming, judo, dancing, horse riding, etc. There are many sports activities he can do, there will be at least one that will interest him. Not only will he do physical exercises that will benefit his health, but he will also make new friends. He will learn what team spirit is, he will acquire more autonomy. In short, there are only benefits.


  • If you're not sure you'll have plenty of time during his vacation, why not suggest he go to summer camp? In this way, you will be sure that your child will not be bored during his vacation, the animators offer different kinds of fun games. Likewise, you can rest easy going about your business, because your toddler will be under the supervision of professionals. By going to summer camp, he will be able to have fun with children of his age, it is even possible that he will meet up with his school friends.




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